Start scanning

Checklist before you start scanning

We’ve compiled a number of points that should be followed when scanning a house. Before starting to scan please consider the following checklist:
  • The battery of the iPhone or iPad is fully charged to avoid running out of battery during a scan.
  • The sensors are clean, it is advised to wipe them regularly with a cloth to remove any fingerprints or dust.
  • Ask others that are present to move to a different floor if possible, or to a different room such that no one else is captured in the scan. Movements can cause irregularities.
  • Plan the scanning route before scanning. Check and clean the scene from bags lying around or cluttered small objects (such as cables) or moving objects (such as cooling fans, pets or robots). If the room has curtains, use about half of it to maintain the indoor light while keeping the window frame visible.
  • Open all the connected doors if possible so they can be merged with other scans. If it is not possible to open all doors, you can scan these rooms separately by creating a new scan on the same floor and aligning them later on. Doors should be either open or closed, not half-opened.
  • Start the scan in the center of the biggest room of the floor, and make sure that you hold the device in the upright position (e.g. not pointing at the floor). This is to allow the device to familiarize itself with the environment.

Get started with our quick guide

In the quick guide we show you weScan in 6 easy steps. This will get you started right away.