Effortlessly capture 3D spaces in minutes with your iPhone or iPad

With the weScan app, you can easily scan residential and commercial real estate to create reliable 3D models in various formats (fml, dwg, revit, pcd etc.) that convert to customizable 2D/3D floor plans, measurement reports (i.e. nen2580, BBMI, ANSI GLA), and energy labeling. Just press the scan button, and our advanced technology will work its magic.

Downloadable 3D model

Eliminate surprises arising from the limitations of 2D photography. 3D dollhouses offer comprehensive access to every possible viewpoint. With weScan, anyone can effortlessly create 3D models without the need for training. Generate as many models as desired, entirely free of charge.

Accurate floor plans and measurement reports

Receive accurate BBMI and NEN2580 reports for both residential and commercial real estate. Reports are customized to your house style and delivered within one business day. You won’t need to hire specialists for drawing; our software will handle it for you. Give it a try – your first floor plan is free.

Reduce time for energy labeling

Certified Energy Advisors can minimize their on-site and off-site time with weScan, enabling efficient data collection and exporting for certified software.

Calculate the maximum allowable rental price for regulated housing.

The point system for regulated housing determines the maximum rental price of a residence. With weScan, you quickly gather data to calculate how many points can be assigned to a property

Create virtual tours with a 360° walkthrough.

A smooth walkthrough experience with HDR panoramas. You can customize the walkthrough with extra object-tags and information.

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