Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answer to your question. This page contains the most frequently asked questions.

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I finished my scan. How do I get to see my floorplan and NEN-report?

After texturing your scan you will directly see a medium quality on-server processed 3D model. This is a free service the weScan application provides. If you would like the floorplan and NEN report of your scan make sure you upload your scan. After uploading your scan will be finished within 1 business day. 

Make sure to check which package suits you best at:

Is the weScan app available for android?

Due to the device limitation, we only support devices with LiDAR capabilities, such as iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro. We will support more devices with similar capabilities as soon as they will be available in the future.

I forgot create an account. Do I lose my scans if I sign up now?

No, all your scans will be saved on your device. Whenever you sign up at a later stage to upload your scans, you will not lose your scans.